UD. Bintang Terang Mandiri

Registration Date:
Apr. 04, 2006 - Last Updated:Aug. 26, 2015
Business Nature
Manufacturing of Textile & Leather category

Company Brief

We provide promotional media, souvenirs, merchandise, gift, promotional items for companies, offices and corporations.

          Custom design in accordance with the wishes and needs.

          Bermaterial related products and genuine leather and semi-leather / imitation, with logos or names such as poly deboss gold and silver and plate logo in laser engraving or also when memmungkinkan in screen printing or digital printing.
          Crafts / handmade is the basis of our efforts to meet the creativity / ideas / art / creativity to achieve a work in the form of exclusive products and premium quality.
          Some examples we' ve ever production:
  - Cover skin agenda / agenda cover leather, or workbook / skin cover
  - The cover of the passport / passport holder / passport
  - Where stnk / keychain stnk / leather key chain
  - Wallet wallet men and women
  - Id case / id hanger / nametag
  - Name card holder / card holder name
  - A ticket / ticket holder / wallet ticket
  - Travel wallet / purse travel
  - Luggage tag / bagtag
  - Passport holder / leather passport cover
  - The cover memo / memo holder / cover memo
  - Skin tissue box / box of Kleenex
  - Leather frame
  - Miscellaneous box covered with leather
  - Bag / bag
  - Jewellery box / jewelry box leather
  - Pouch
  - Tray skin layers
  - A file
  - Cover al ' quran
  - A ring of agate / agate ring box / ring box
  - Cover menu
  - Billholder
  - Tray hotels
  - PP fan full print
  - PVC card ( ID card, membership card)
          With neatness and satisfaction, a product will be quality and classy.

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Mr. Thio Hendrik [Owner/Entrepreneur]
Jakarta barat 11730, Jakarta
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Y!: hendrikthio@yahoo.co.id Y!: hendrikthio@yahoo.co.id
Google Talk:  agendabukukerja@gmail.com  agendabukukerja@gmail.com